Diploma in Color Master (DI)

We offer 1 year Diploma course in Color Master (DI). Certificate issued by Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University (JNAFAU).


Innovation has given filmmakers better control over budget, the look and feel of motion pictures. Today, from the humble short film debuting on YouTube, to a major motion picture flick, Digital Technology influences every aspect of filmmaking.

The Digital Intermediate process is one of the latest to hit the market. In simplest terms, Digital Intermediate (DI) is the process of converting film to digital information and back again. Digital Intermediates are most popularly used to have better creative control over the final product, especially to create an in between step for the colour grading process.

With various applications in the film industry, a DI specialist has various career opportunities today. The rising demand for High Definition opens up career options in the Film and HD Television industry.

Course Description

The Digital Intermediate (DI) Course starts from the basics, introducing multimedia and concepts of layouts and design. The course involves classroom based learning and a practical application part involving a project at the end of the course. Students have access to the latest software used in contemporary filmmaking and tutored by award winning faculty.

Course Modules

  • Multimedia Basics
  • Basics of multimedia
  • Drawing
  • Image Editing
  • Concepts of compositing
  • Mattes/Channels
  • Color correction
  • Blue/Green Screen Keying
  • Film correction on base light grading system
  • Project Submission

Course Information

  • Course Duration : 12 Months
  • Study Level : Diploma
  • Discipline : Color Master (DI)
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