Digiquest has only one intake per year in the month of July/ August. Short Term courses may have several intakes during the year. Usually the short term courses begin during the 10th week of every month. Please Contact us for more information.
Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University (JNAFAU accredit the Degree and Diploma courses. This means that the qualifications you receive upon graduation are recognized globally. Digiquest Academy certifies short Term courses.
Currently we do not have this option. We will consider this for future.
All Digiquest courses have a focus on practical, hands-on delivery. The amount of practical time you experience during your studies does vary, depending on your course. (Link to Course Calendar)
We carefully design and deliver all our units to help you develop the knowledge you need to be successful in your chosen field of study. Courses and course units at Digiquest Academy follow best practice teaching and learning.
The certificate qualification is focused on specific skills. By undertaking a certificate-level course in Animation, Audio or Film you will develop foundation skills in these specific discipline areas. For Example, In a Diploma certificate you will be taught specific modules within 12 months. Short Term certificate courses have a duration of 4 – 6 months. You can use the certificate as a pathway to Degree level study at Digiquest and at other tertiary institutions.
Bachelor Degree
A bachelor degree offers a rigorous combination of skills combined with a greater depth and breadth of theoretical knowledge and analytical skills. This knowledge is applicable to both your creative media discipline and the professional world more broadly.
A bachelor degree offers you a better entry point to professional work, builds portable skills, and develops sustainable, life-long learning. Bachelor degrees are suitable for people looking to develop professional skills and knowledge and to build long-term, successful careers in their industry of choice.
You will need both practical skills and theoretical knowledge. It is important to know the "how" and the "why" of your subjects. Our courses are specifically designed to give you practical expertise with a solid theoretical foundation
Digiquest Academy offers various courses in animation, multimedia & web design, gaming & VFX. The basic eligibility for all these courses is you should have completed your class 12 or 10 +2. For more details you can speak to our student counselors using Live Chat option on our website or you can call us on +7032656571/72/73 who will help you with more details about the courses. You can give us a missed call on 7032656571 and we will contact you.
You can apply for our courses quickly and easily online. Go to our Enrolment Information page for further details (link to page)
You can apply for our courses online. Visit the Enrolment Information page to get started.
Original copies of your supporting documents are required for accreditation and auditing requirements.
Last date for receiving application is 31st August 2016. Applications will be assessed for eligibility up to the advertised commencement date of the course. Places in the course are capped and filled according to date-received priority. The earlier your application is made, the more likely you are to receive a placement. If you are unable to commence the course on the scheduled date, you may postpone commencement by contacting our office..
You must withdraw prior to course commencement date in order to be eligible for a refund of tuition fees. If you wish to withdraw after the course commencement date, you will not receive any refund for the amount you have paid. Non-completion of studies does not normally entitle a student to any refund.
Financial penalties will apply if you leave the course after the allocated course commencement date. Also, fees once paid will not be refunded.
Digiquest is committed to providing equal opportunities for students with disabilities or special learning needs. For more information please get in contact with us.
This can vary depending on the campus and course. You may, for example, have a larger lecture group for common units, and a smaller tutorial group of 8-15 students. In most cases tutorial sizes average 10 - 20 students.
Yes you can work while studying as long as your academics does not get affected. We have ample opportunities where you can enhance your skills with part time opportunities.
As all our courses are full time, you will be expected to be in campus during college hours, which are 09:30 – 17:00, Monday to Saturday. For Diploma and Certificate courses, you can attend classes as per your course schedule.
You will have access to the facilities and equipment relevant to your course and on which you are getting trained.
No, this is not required. You will access to our campus computer labs for assessment work. Labs are open during business operational hours, which are 09:30 – 18:30, Monday to Saturday.
Yes! We consult with industry on a regular basis and update our resources as required.
Opening hours are generally 09:30 – 18:30. However, the campus may vary its hours of operation. Students do have out-of-hours access to the studios and computer labs. For more information contact us.
We do not have a hostel facility on campus but we have several hostels in the vicinity of the campus. Our student counselors will guide you with necessary information.
Digiquest Academy is equipped with latest infrastructure and state of the art facilities so it can provide hands on approach with industry oriented training. We offer the best equipment to deliver an experience just like working in a real animation studio. The animation labs have industry-standard technology & feature modern workstations. Latest software such as Adobe Suite, Autodesk Suite, Nuke, Fusion, Unity and more are installed for students to practice.
Students get high-quality learning aids like books, CDs & study material to learn the right techniques & practice their new skills in Animation & VFX. Walk in to your office to check us out or call us on +7032656571/72/73 who will help you with more details.
Digiquest India are the pioneers in transforming film industry from analog to digital. This has brought rapid changes in the film and media industry. Such is the legacy of Digiquest.
Digiquest offers career-oriented training with a variety of animation, web and graphics design, VFX and Broadcast courses. The batch timings are flexible for students & working professionals too.
Digiquest has several associations and it organizes seminars and to make students industry ready.
In addition, Digiquest offers placement assistance to students to get them placed with animation companies & studios.
Digiquest has its own state-of-the-art production house where our students get a chance to explore the latest equipment and get accustomed with it.
We offer communication, personality Development classes to all our students. These classes are built in within the regular curriculum and are taught during college hours.
Walk in to your office or call us on +7032656571/72/73 for free career guidance.
Click for more /Call us on +7032656571/72/73 & speak to our counselors who will help you with more details about VFX..
Digiquest has the distinct advantage to have its own Production House – Digiquest Studio, which offers various multimedia creative services to Advertising, Animation, Gaming and Film Industry.
Digiquest Studio has produced several award winning films like The Take over, Strangers, 7 days in slow motion etc. The Take over has been chosen for the Cannes Film Festival.
Digiquest has several associations with leading media houses and film industry. You will get 1 – 3 months internship in HMTV, V6, Prime focus, Digiquest Studio to name a few.
You will be benefited by bonafide letters through which you can approach any Nationalized Bank and avail the education loan on providing the relevant documents to the bank authorities under their guidelines.More information click
At Digiquest, we treat every student to the same and do not encourage reservations under any category.
• Wipro • Gemini Laboratories • Saakshi Media • Deccan TV • Q Labs • Digiquest Studio • Sandhya Motion Pictures • RotoMaker • Mallemaala Entertainments • Zoticus
We have compiled a comprehensive list of positions, which are listed below:
• 2D/3D modeler/animator • Compositor • Storyboard Artist • Editor • VFX Artist • Game Designer • Game Artist • Character Artist • Art Director • Cinematic Animator • Graphic Artist
Try to pick an area that interests you and build a career in that field. The opportunities are endless. Since the students will be studying and working on in-house projects, they will get to know industry and find out directly from staff members what life is like working in the animation / multimedia sector.