Our Teachers

Teaching Faculty of Digiquest Academy
Sr. Web & Game Development Instructor

Vineely Varanasi

Principal & Sr. Web & Game Development Instructor

Vineely is a passionate and dedicated educator with more than a decade of experience in the field of multimedia. She did her masters in multimedia and is an Adobe-certified instructor. Over the years, she trained over 8,000 students all of whom have been successfully placed in companies. She has also given corporate training to companies like APSFC, Convergys and Techumseh. Ever a keen learner, she is now exploring new horizons in the field of game development.

2D & 3D Instructor

Srinivas Varma B

2D & 3D Instructor

Srinivas is a talented and passionate individual. He has the ability to engage even the most difficult of children in his classroom. He loves his profession, has the unique ability to explain things in any easy-to-understand format. Prior to Digiquest, he worked at several leading media houses and has gained years of experience and He has worked at GMT Traid Media Solutions Pvt Ltd. as Animation Director, Rayudu vision Media ltd. as 3D Animation Lead, UTV Software communication Ltd. as a 3D Animator, SunAnimatics India Pvt Ltd as a Character designer and Heart Entertainment Ltd as a 2D Key Animator.

VFX Instructor

Suresh Chennabatni

VFX Instructor

Suresh is an excellent professional who deeply knows a wide range of disciplines in the field of production and post-production and extensive knowledge at the technical level in hardware and software. He is a great professional and a better person as a companion always willing to lend a hand when you need.

A holder of Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Law from Hyderabad University and a Degree in Commerce from Osmania University coupled with Diploma in Multimedia & Internet Designing and Diploma Certificate Course in Acting, Suresh has the passion for this industry. He is not afraid to dive into something new and master it.

3D Instructor

Srikanth Guptha

3D Instructor

Srikanth’s goal is to spread animation knowledge among all his students and help them gain expertise in Animation Industry. He is an exultant animator & he has proved himself to be an able digital animation instructor to the students. This person can handle any situation in his Profession.


Krishna Mulkalapally

Visual Art Instructor

Is a Bachelor of fine arts and undertook formal training in Art Direction and Production Design (F.T.I.I),Pune and has more than 10years of experience in teaching visual art.
Has worked as a art and assistant director for the movies like ”THE END” (Telugu film- 2013-2014), “BAKERY ATTACK” (Short film-FTII-2014), “LOVE FISH” (Short film- FTII- 2014), “PLAY BACK” (FTII- 2014), “BALE MANCHI ROJU” (Telugu film – 2016), “KERINTHA” (Telugu film - 2015), “SAHASAM”(Telugu film - 2012-2013),“DALAM” (Telugu film - 2012). Over the years, he has built strong partnerships in the entertainment arts industry to enhance the student experience and to support graduates transitioning into their careers..


Mrs. Prerana Makawana


Cool, calm and patient are the three terms which can best describe Mrs. Prerana Makawana who is an experienced Faculty in the domain of Drawing and Concept Art. She holds 14 years of Industry experience in the domain of Classical Animation. Commencing from the scratch, she started working as a Junior Animator at Data Quest Entertainment, Hyderabad. In the last six years, she has been teaching students to enhance their 2D, 3D, Animated characters and environments.